Welcome to this section.

If you are here you are most likely an artist, delighted that you have ended up in this small space dedicated to art.

Also, if you are here it is because you like my way of working and would love to learn the difficult technique of watercolor, congratulations, you are on the right track.

I tell you

On my PATREON platform you will find a new video, PDF or tip in this world every Wednesday, with a total of 2 videos, 1 step-by-step PDF and extras per month. At the same time you will have the live chat with me for all kinds of corrections and ideas, working together on what you most want to learn.

You also have access to all the content from the beginning and constant guidance if you have any questions. Having works from the basics of watercolor to more complex exercises that will test your skills. Also counting on a constant evolution of the page and my search for improvements so that you can make the most of the material.

Why do I do it?

The world is more interesting the more artists there are in it. I won't say that I don't want to make money, of course everyone does, but it is not the main motivation of this project, since you access all that content for the small and tiny price of €10/month.


So you learn, we grow together, you discover new things, you make the technique your own and you will find something that I don't know. And then I learn, and so do your peers, and we build an ever-improving community of artists.

If it still doesn't convince you, that's okay.

There is a free section of the platform where you can start browsing, see what materials I use, have some of the trick videos that I upload and give yourself the opportunity. And if you like it, we'll wait for you inside.

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