Breve presentación/Short presentation 

Born in Valencia and currently a Murcian painter. Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Murcia.

I have always had concerns and curiosity about art, carrying it in my veins since I was born, a fact that was encouraged by my father, Juan Gallego, a painter with a long career behind him, for whom I decorated more than one painting. 

Initially as a form of recreation, as the years went by I found in it a way of disconnection and expression, increasingly perfecting what I was working on at that time, the pencil

The move to the city of Murcia strengthened that relationship with painting, to such an extent that at 17, after winning a contest, I saw in it my complete vocation and began a career in Fine Arts. 

Learning new techniques and perfecting others, I discovered my love for everyday scenes and their hidden beauty. Places, actions that we carry out continuously and go unnoticed, and that I come to resignify them and give them a new place. 

Currently my speech is constantly changing, working the light of impressionism with the contrast and mystery of the baroque. 

One factor that never changes in my paintings, series, and interventions is the search for viewer interaction. In my opinion, the cold image of museums, the cult of the work of art, deifying it, is not the best way to transmit messages or generate a memory. I work on that idea by making participation in my paintings available to everyone, either mentally or physically on several occasions. 

My works are not complete until the spectator finishes them. 


This way of perceiving art began at the beginning of my degree, there I became familiar with acrylic and its speed. 

I almost took that agility it offered me as a challenge and over the years it has evolved from hyper realism to a loose brush realism, brushstrokes that generate the image with movement

Working on this technique, I got to know watercolor at 20 and due to events I returned at the age of 5 when I began to learn it. 

Without a doubt, I can affirm that it is the most complicated I have worked on, and the most satisfying. If with acrylic you narrate stories, with watercolor you turn them into poetry

The freshness, light and agility that it requires make it unique and difficult to tame, since the water is unpredictable. At 22, I can say that I have managed to understand that magic and enjoy its indomitable character. As you can see, 

I also have numerous commissioned works, a possibility that you can also count on if you have a specific idea (contact me for conditions) 

I invite you to visit each of my pieces and I even leave the door open to contact and expression of your opinion, welcome to my corner. 


Premios y selecciones/Awards and selections

3rd Prize, National outdoor painting competition "Villa de Albudeite" 2023

2nd Prize, VI Santomera speed painting contest, 2023

Selected at the Estrenarte festival. Plastic arts modality, 2023 edition.

Accésit, 26ª edición del Premio Diario de Burgos de Pintura Rápida 'Catedral de Burgos', 2023

Accésit, modalidad de Artes Plásticas del Certamen de Creación Artística Joven "Crearte 2022", 2022

Prize Apizafra, X Certamen de Pintura al Aire Libre Villa de Albudeite, 2022

3rd Prize, Premio Hidrogea, VI Concurso Internacional de Pintura Rápida de Alcantarilla, 2022

3rd Áccesit, Certamen de pintura nocturna Villa de San Clemente, 2022 

3rd Prize, Vlll Concurs de pintura ràpida "Ciutat de Denia" 2022 

3rd Prize, 1º Concurso de Pintura Rápida al aire libre El Lago, Cartagena 2022 

Finalist 1º Concurso Feria del Libro, 2021

3rd Prize, Premio Concejalía de juventud. V Concurso internacional de pintura rápida de Alcantarilla 2021 

1st Prize Concurso de dibujo ComicDay, 2017 

2nd Prize categoría juvenil, concurso de pintura rápida de Alcantarilla, 2016



2023, individual
Una pera, una mela, una... Immersion in identity through still life in watercolor. Casino Mediterráneo la Zenia, Orihuela Costa. From December 14 to February 6. 

2023, individual

Codicia. Casinos del Mediterráneo, Art al Casino, Benidorm. Del 13 de julio al 29 de agosto.

2023, individual

Luz Salada. Davink Studio, Avenida Ana de Viya 38, Cádiz. Del 1 de febrero al 28 de marzo.


2023, collective

Techne Kai Bios, The art of life. Salteras Cultural Space (Seville). From November 24 to December 12.   

2023, colectiva

Certamen de Pintura al Aire Libre Villa de Vélez Rubio. Casa de las Catequistas, Vélez Rubio, Almería. Desde el 3 de Junio.

2023, colectiva

I Certamen de Pintura Rápida Beniel. Centro Cultural Beniel, Sala Pepe Rubio. Del 25 al 31 de marzo.

2023, colectiva

Life outside the lines vol II, Art and Photography international exhibition. Lalit La Academia, India. Del 6 al 12 de abril.

2023, colectiva

25 identidades corporales y gestuales. Centro Social universitario, Campus Espinardo UMU, edif. nº29. Del 7 de febrero al 3 de marzo.

2022, colectiva

Exposición Academia de las Artes. Academia de las artes, Avd, Francisco Jiménez Ruiz, bajo 4, Murcia España. Del 15 al de 30 diciembre.

2022, colectiva

Exposición de obras seleccionadas. Modalidad Artes Plásticas, Certamen de Creación Artística Joven "Crearte 2022". El Jardín,
Sala Municipal de Exposiciones Molina d Segura, del 22 de noviembre al 13 de diciembre.

2022, colectiva

Exposición de pintura "Rincones de Bullas y La Copa". Casa D. Pepe Marsilla. C/ Rosario, 1, del 23 de octubre al 6 de noviembre, Bullas.

2022, colectiva

Ganadores del Concurs de Pintura ràpida "Ciutat de Denia". Casa de la Cultura de Denia. Del 15 al 30 de junio.

2022, colectiva

Seleccionados. Casa de la Cultura de Pilar de la Horadada. Del 1 al 31 de agosto.

2022, colectiva

Seleccionados. Casa de la Cultura Municipal Frias (Burgos). Del 1 al 31 de agosto .

2022, colectiva

Seleccionados. Sala de exposiciones del Teatro Principal de Burgos. Del 1 al 30 de septiembre.

2022/23, colectiva

Seleccionados. Exposición itinerante del 1 de octubre a mayo de 2023 en salas de Burgos y Vizcaya.

2022, colectiva

V Certamen Nacional de pintura rápida. Sala de exposiciones Casa Grande, del 25 de septiembre al 25 de octubre, Santomera, Murcia.

2022, colectiva

Feria de Delicias con Arte. Museo del Ferrocarril de Madrid. Del 26 al 29 de mayo


2022, colectiva

Paisaje UM versus Campus de Espinardo ll. Sala José Nicolás Almansa, Museo de la Universidad. Del 29 de abril al 20 de mayo.

2022, colectiva

Exposición Certamen de pintura Ecología y Salud #SosMarMenor 2022. Hotel Atrio, Los Alcázares. Del 9 de abril al 10 de mayo

2021, colectiva

Exposición colectiva Casa de la Cultura de Torrevieja. Casa de la Cultura, Torrevieja

2021, colectiva

Finalistas 1o Concurso Feria del Libro Murcia. Paseo Alfonso X, Murcia. Del 1 al 30 de octubre.


2021, colectiva

Exposición Sesenta y nueve. Galería Leucade, Murcia. Del sábado 28 de junio al 28 de julio.

2019, colectiva

Desnudos. Estudio IDEAK, Cieza

2019, colectiva

Academias. Cuerpos desnudos. Dibujos del

natural. Museo Etnográfico Jerónimo Molina, Jumilla.

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